Monday, August 28, 2006

Love is Colour Blind, Love is Age Blind

At last Malaysia's very own fairytale wedding of the year is over. I'm talking about none other than then wedding between Malaysia pop-diva Siti Nurhaliza and the no longer mysterious Datuk K.

I don't know whats the big deal about it? I really see no point in speculating about whether she broke up his first marriage and how much they're spending on their wedding blah blah blah... I also feel that the media attention for the wedding is overdone.

I suppose its just the fact that she is a celebrity and he a big time corporate figure that got the media into such a frenzy. Not to mention that the wedding guests were made up mostly of royalty, politicians and celebrities. Plus the fact that he's been married before and is 20 years her senior. Well, so what?

Afterall, Love is Blind they say. And to add to that, I say Love is Colour Blind (as in an inter-racial marriage which we Malaysians are often exposed to) and Love is Age Blind too (as in the case of Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin, 27 and Datuk Khalid Muhamad Jiwa, 47 and lots of other couples)

To me, whats appealing about Siti is her girl next door image. In these days where artistes are banking on sex appeal and sexy outfits to help promote themselves, she has somehow managed to stay pure and true to herself and has been a huge success with her demure and innocent image. She really does look like a sweet doll, one with a powerful singing voice.

I hope that the fairytale wedding has a fairytale ending. I've seen too many grand and lovely weddings with love declarations and poetry go wrong later. However, this is a positive blog so I choose to think about positive thoughts and happy endings instead. ;)

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