Monday, September 4, 2006

Just Do It!

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Procrastination is something best put off until tomorrow. ~Gerald Vaughan

I've got tons to do and seemingly so little time to do them. When I keep putting off the tasks I have to do, they snowball and it becomes even more overwhelming.

Today, I am reminding myself to Just Do It! I've got to break down those tasks into small little ones and handle each of them immediately, right now. Just Do It!

Recently, I applied this Just Do It! concept to my weekend and was very pleased with the results. Instead of sitting around doing nothing and being lazy, not knowing what to cook, too lazy to do anything else.
On my Just Do It! Sunday, I woke up, took a brisk morning walk to buy breakfast for the family, then took the kids swimming and dealt with the cleanup immediately afterwards. (The kids had been pestering me to take them swimming but I had been putting it off due to the massive cleanup that is usually required after a swim.) I told myself to Just Do It!
After the swim we took the kids out with us to run some errands. Just Do It! Because of the swim, I had to content with a grouchy spouse whose routine had been broken by the swim. (My spouse loves routine). Just Do It! So it was time to make sure spouse gets some rest by giving him some foot reflexology and at the same time must make sure the children rests too even though all the running around had taken away their nap time. Grouchy spouse and cranky kids can be quite a handful. Just Do It!
At the end of the day, instead of feeling tired and rushed or overwhelmed and lethargic, I felt alive and rejuvenated. So next time, I am lazy, I shall Just Do It! In fact, I've got to get offline now to Just Do It! Just Do all the tasks that are waiting for me to do right now. To name a few.....
  • mending blankets and sewing loose buttons
  • sorting through some hand-me down outfits I received for the kids which had been lying in the cupboard till they grow taller etc. (Sometimes they lie in the cupboard till they outgrow them!)
  • throwing out some junk I hoarded
  • normal daily tasks like lessons for my girl
  • my daily exercises
  • etc etc. theres always something to be done and something new to add to the list (which grows longer and longer the more I procrastinate)

Yes, I'm going to Just Do It! and Just Do It! NOW!

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