Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Funny Bad Toy Ideas!

No this would be good for your child! The old keys in the light socket!

The finger guillotine for a young child no! Might be good for those nasty glory holes at the truck stops!

Starswar: Uzay - Chewbacca Action Figure

Some might not like how I put a bootleg Turkish figure on here, but this can go without saying, just look at it. The name of the figure line alone can make this worthy of 15 ravish humiliations. This UZAY STARSWAR Chewbacca might just be credible enough to pass as Chewbacca’s Wookiee brother, but even that’s a stretch.

To me it looks more like Chewbacca’s distant (very distant) relative decided he was going to go a little more “goth” on his fur color because of his incredibly bright eyes and teeth. Perhaps UZAY STARSWAR line is actually an alternative storyline to the Star Wars universe. The Imperials might have won and changed the entire galaxy for the worse of humanity (including forcing him to don the official Imperial army colors, thus the darkness is explained), but at least Sebulba is still undefeated.

MC Hammer 12″ Doll

I’m a fan of MC Hammer, but this is just insane. How many people bought this thing? Probably not a lot given the fact that it is a doll of MC Hammer. This toy came with a VHS tape with some exclusive songs on it. A lot of toys came with a VHS with short episodes on it, but a VHS with some songs on it? Great idea for the Hammer. I really wonder if girls bought this thing to pair up with their Barbies. It could have been a nice way to reenact some music videos. Look at his shine!

Apparently, this MC Hammer doll was the equivalent size of God in action figure size. It’s time to recognize this as a sign to bring on the 12″ 50 Cent dolls to fill that generation gap.

Sleeping Little Nicky Action Figure from McFarlane Toys

I just don’t know what Todd McFarlane was thinking on this one. They make great, realistic figure lines of popular athletes, movie, TV, musicians and comic book characters… then they go and make an action figure of Little Nicky sleeping. LITTLE NICKY. SLEEPING.

It’s not enough they made toys from Little Nicky, but apparently one must have a toy of Adam Sandler sleeping in his or her collection. Weirdo.

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