Monday, November 9, 2009

Starting retroactively at my first sale, I will be donating $1 from each print sale this year to Love Without Boundaries, an organizing dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance to orphaned and impoverished children in China. Though she was not cared for by a LWB team, my daughter was adopted from China with a severe cleft lip and palate. She was lucky to have exceptionally good (if rudimentary) care and sustenance at her orphanage. This level of care can mean the difference between life and death for a child born with medical needs which that child's birth parents don't have the means to support. A child with a cleft can die of starvation in the first days of life if caretakers don't have the education or means to teach them how to swallow formula. And cleft is one of the least deadly of birth conditions. Heart defects, spinabifida and so many others can be far more deadly without proper medical care. LWB runs a cleft care home in China, as well as providing aid in the five key areas of education, foster care, healing homes, medical, and orphanage assistance. While we were waiting to adopt through the special needs program, my husband and I donated to LWB from time to time when we were able. Since bringing out daughter home to a long series of surgeries and therapies, we are on an even tighter budget. Donating a portion of my sales is a good way for me to keep helping out a bit where I can.

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